The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency (SSS) strongly believes there are many reasons individuals, families and companies brand SSS as their first choice when it comes to Insurance Products and Services. Yes, our stability, professionalism and being a trusted insurance agency since 1925 are some of those reasons.  One of the most notable reasons is what we do to separate our self from other Insurance Agencies and Brokers.

Our exclusive “Client Services” is a perfect example of what we are proud to offer our SSS clients. The fact is we will never do business as just another “Vendor” or simply “peddle” insurance policies for the cheapest price we can find regardless of what type of insurance company it is with. This is not who we are and never will be. We are an advisor, advocate, partner and trusted resource for our clients.

These exclusive “Client Services” are valuable services all our clients can take advantage of. Our goal is to assist our clients in every way we possibly can. The type of service they deserve!

Talk to one of our friendly Insurance Portfolio Advisors to learn more how these exclusive “Client Services."

Client Concierge Services | The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency

Client Concierge Services

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Loss Control & Safety Services | The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency

Loss Control & Safety Services

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Claims Services | The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency

Claims Services

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