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The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency (SSS) has learned that most employers lack sufficient HR & Compliance resources and oftentimes need guidance on very specific questions that relate to their business and operations. By offering our VIP Clients The HR & Compliance Hotline, we believe it will assist them in reducing their administrative burden and get them answers they need to successfully run their business.

The HR & Compliance Hotline is staffed by experienced HR & Compliance professionals who average more than 15 years in their profession. These experts can help with a wide range of topics, including employee benefits, federal compliance, employment law, wage & hour, discipline & terminations, hiring, Workers Comp and much more.

Every calendar year, our VIP Clients can call, email or submit an online request to get on-demand answers to their everyday HR & Compliance challenges. They also can leverage a resource that includes state-specific HR & Compliance topics and legislation. As a result, it allows them to self-serve certain questions.

The HR & Compliance Professionals not only answer questions, but they also provide supporting content and documentation to help put their recommendations into action. This content can be delivered right away, saving time for our VIP Clients.

NOTE: This service is exclusively for SSS Clients with over a $100,000 in annual Insurance Portfolio premium

Talk to one of our friendly Insurance Portfolio Advisors to learn more about how this important “VIP Client Service” can benefit you and your business.

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