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The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency (SSS) offers the finest standards of insurance products to accommodate our affluent VIP Clients. Additionally, we only work with reputable, financially strong and “A” rated insurance companies that offer exclusive insurance programs with competitive insurance rates for our VIP Clients.  

Each one of our VIP Clients are unique in their own way. So, whether you have achieved your success from business, entertainment, sports, tech industry, entrepreneurship, personal investments or other endeavors, we can design a solid and secure Insurance Portfolio to accommodate you and your family’s specific needs and desires.

As a VIP client, you and/or your personal Management Team will be assigned one of our “VIP Insurance Portfolio Advisors” to plan, create and execute an insurance portfolio to meet all the specific needs for you and your family. We start with scheduling a personal visit with you and/or your Management Team to completely learn more about you and your family and exactly what your needs are. In addition, we conduct a thorough audit of your existing insurance coverages to make sure they meet your existing needs.  In our past experience, most of the time they don’t! Very often we discover our potential VIP Clients having significant gaps and lack of important coverages that could expose your assets due to that bad day when you have an insurance claim. We as an agency strongly believe it’s in your best interest and ours to make sure you know how your insured before the claim instead of after.  

That’s where our skill and expertise comes into play. After the initial meeting, your VIP Insurance Portfolio Advisor and their team of insurance professionals will immediately go to work and basically create an “Insurance Blue Print” that will be presented to you and/or your Management Team during our second in person meeting. We will keep working together to make sure that “Insurance Blue Print” is absolutely perfect for what you need. Once we have achieved perfection, then it will become your Personal Insurance Portfolio. The same concept as a beautiful high-rise building starts with a well thought out blue print.

You have worked hard to build your wealth, assets, reputation and especially your lifestyle.  Use our skill, expertise and relationships with insurance companies to your advantage to assist you in protecting all of that and insure you have peace of mind.  With The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency, you’ll receive personalized, professional and first-class service at all times. The discretion you would expect from any of your trusted advisors.

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