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We realize Workers Comp premiums are a substantial portion of a business owners overhead.  Therefore, The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency and our company partners will focus on assisting our clients to become safer and more profitable through risk management programs and compliance.  Because we adamant about getting to know our clients get to know our clients and the way they choose to conduct business, it provides us a better understanding so we can become more valuable and effective to assist them in maintaining a safe environment for their employees and the owners of the business.

We, along with our company partners, are a team that is comprised of specialist in the Insurance Industry.   Together, we use a collaborative approach to partner with our clients to address their specific safety and risk management’s needs.  We understand that no two businesses are the same and solutions must be tailored to accommodate each client’s unique needs.

Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To Assistance With The Following:

  • Safety training tips
  • Forklift training
  • Reviewing of potential workplace hazards
  • Return to work program
  • Safety audit checklist
  • Moving materials safely
  • Training requirements for 0perators
  • Safety awareness ideas
  • Influence between operations and safety
  • Workplace safety and injury management
  • Hiring practices
  • Written standards versus actual practices
  • Claims history and trending analysis
  • Supervision, coaching and retention strategies
  • Written OSHA compliant safety plans

Assistance With Medical Provider Networks (MPN) Or Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)

An approved group of health care providers can be offered to help control medical costs through negotiated network rates. This also helps ensure injured workers are receiving top quality medical care and appropriate treatment.

What do our clients expect when an employee has a work comp claim?

Each claim is put through an internal triage process to make sure the most appropriate claims professional is assigned to that claim. We take into consideration the type of injury, jurisdiction and any red flag indicators such as potential fraud and pre-existing conditions. Additionally, our agency personally provides a “Claims Concierge” to assist our clients from the time the claim is opened to the time it is closed.

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