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Hardware & Building Material Dealer (HBMD) Exclusive Program

The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency’s (SSS) Hardware & Building Material Dealer Division has developed a strategic partnership with Central Insurance Companies to create and build an exclusive program designed specifically for Hardware Stores and Building Material Dealers. No other Insurance Agency in the Nation has access to this exclusive program.

Central Insurance Companies (CIC)

The Central Insurance Companies are a successful Property and Casualty group operating on a strong foundation of core values including: integrity in the way we operate our business, relationships we develop working as a team, and excellence achieved by never compromising on quality. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our combined assets totaling over $1 billion and our A.M. Best rating of "A" Excellent.


Who Our HBMD Exclusive Program Will Benefit

If you own a Hardware and/or Building Material store, our exclusive HBMD Program could be the perfect fit for your company. The HBMD Program will consider insuring higher risk operations that include a nursery department, selling propane beyond the exchange tanks, rental of party equipment that includes bounce houses or if you have construction rental equipment, including aerial lifts and scaffolding.

Let’s Get Started

If you have any questions, please click the “Connect With A Program Advisor” box below and one of our Program Advisors will contact you, anxious to help. If you would like to expedite the process to find out if your company qualifies for this exclusive program, please click on the “Qualification Form” box below. Once we receive the form, our team of professionals will immediately evaluate your business operations and exposures to determine if you qualify.

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Thank you for your interest in our HBMD Program and we look forward to hopefully working for you.

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