The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency is a pleasure to work with. I have worked with Brett Slama over the past 3 years and continue to be impressed by the level of service we receive from everyone at their agency. They are very responsive and always available to help with any questions we may have. It has been a joy working with them.

Melissa Dicke
CEO, Elite HRH

As a business owner for over 25 years, I offer the following as my reasoning for choosing The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency for my insurance needs: First and foremost is "Trust". Any business decisions that I make must involve trust in those with whom I deal with. Brett Slama was my Insurance Advisor prior to my decision to switch to The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency. During that time, I had one of only two claims in all my years being in business. Brett was very supportive, and ultimately responsible for my complete satisfaction in the settlement of the claim. As I contemplated switching, however, I had concerns regarding "rental", as it appeared that my prior carrier specialized in rental programs. Only when I was assured that the coverage was similar, and quite possibly superior, did that barrier disappear. I had experienced another issue with my prior carrier regarding a storage building that we had purchased across from our retail location, to the point that the inventory within was covered, but not the building. Not an issue currently, and we have since purchased another facility offsite which was no problem as well. And, last, but not least; cost. Without getting into details, I will suggest that there is substantial savings, as I now have three buildings insured, increased my equipment and inventory by over 50%, added two vehicles, and saw only a modest cost increase. Thus, my logic for switching back to Brett; a decision that I did not take lightly.

Al Daniels
Hesperia Hardware, Do It Best

We came to The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency from a much larger insurance broker. When it came time for us to perform our workers compensation audit for the previous year, Brett offered to help us prepare and participate in the audit. He was able to find errors in payroll and classifications that our other broker never found. Because of this, we were able to recuperate a large amount of our premiums. The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency was also able to enhance our executive liability coverage (D&O/EPLI). They play an active role in our safety program and participate in safety meetings. The level of service from Brett and the agency has gone above and beyond our expectations.

Joe Williams
President, Wolfe and Swickard Machine Company

I have been working with Brett for just a little over a year and in that short period of time he has gone out of his way to not only facilitate our insurance needs, but help us grow our business much like a partner would. Brett has been available, responsive and proactive in finding coverage and explaining what our exposures are within our emerging industry. A simple testimonial wouldn’t do him justice…

Justin Brewer
Carbon Solutions Group

When it comes to insurance, it can be very complicated and confusing with all the different coverages and options that are available to us. This is when I am so thankful we have Eric Rudy managing our insurance. He explains things in a format that makes it easier for us to understand. I can tell for certain he is not the type of person that is just trying to sell us on everything. He conducts business in a professional and ethical manner which is why we trust him with all our insurance.

Connie Nickerson
Bruce Bauer Lumber & Supply, Inc.

I have been doing business with Eric Rudy for many years. We find him to be professional, considerate, responsive and is always looking out for what’s best for our company. Additionally, we can always get ahold of him even at night, weekends and even holidays. Eric always tell us when we are open for business, he is open for business. He totally understands how to treat his clients.

Nicholisa Contis
President, Topanga Lumber & Hardware Company, Inc., Do it Best

I wanted to take this opportunity to voice my opinion on Eric Rudy. When we first met, we just did business together. But shortly after we developed a great friendship alongside our business relationship. I noticed right from the beginning Eric was not just your typical insurance agent working a few hours per week and golfing the rest of the time. He takes his job very serious. We meet in person every March to thoroughly go through my renewal to make sure everything is accurate and up to date. When you do business with Eric, it is peace of mind and you will be in very good hands.

Joe Febres
Owner, Fusion Elite Martial Arts School

What I believe separates Eric Rudy from all other insurance agents is he cares about his clients. This is not just my belief. I have recommended Eric to many of my friends, family and other business owners and they all agree. He is a hard worker, always returns my calls the same day or night and he looks out for us. He always makes sure we are properly covered at a competitive price. Additionally, he treats me and my employees like friends instead of just another customer. It’s a pleasure to be doing business with him.

Tony Nino
President & CEO, Barocci Motor Group, Inc.

When I decided to open my CrossFit business, I immediately reached out to Eric Rudy to have him handle all of the insurance. He was fast and made it extremely easy on me from start to finish. He even called the CrossFit corporate office to make sure I was meeting all their insurance requirements. Just a great overall experience. I highly recommend him!

Scott Conway
Owner, Island Fitness, Inc., CrossFit Eonian

When you are a business owner like myself, we get flooded with solicitation calls wanting to quote our insurance. I never take the call and I never call them back. Simply because we have Eric Rudy to help us with all our insurance. Eric is dependable, trustworthy and especially honest. He always does what’s best for us and nobody else. He has been our Insurance Advisor for many years and we do not anticipate doing business with anyone else.

Dolores Gamba
President, Main Street Trust Company, Inc.

As a policy I don’t take sales calls. I just so happened to take a call from Eric and it was perfect timing. Our workers comp had more than tripled and we started to look for a new carrier but I had not acted on it yet. We set up an appointment and Eric came in and was a pleasure to work with from that first meeting. He was professional, straight forward and did his diligence in researching all our business needs. I appreciated that Eric was very interested in not only our business but he was interested in our future. Eric simply did not provide us with the coverage we needed, he made sure that the coverage he offered us was the right fit for our business needs and for our future goals. He is professional and has integrity and he takes the time to check in on us as our needs have evolved over the years. It is always a pleasure to work with Eric and we look forward too many more years.

Jeannie Callaway
Controller, Alamo Ace Hardware

Eric Rudy and The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency are excellent to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in helping us secure insurance policies that matched our new business needs. They continue to always be professional, prompt and diligent. Eric provided us with five-star insurance advice and excellent customer service.

Dave & Toni Elmer
Owners, House Sprucing, LLC

Saine-Summers Insurance (The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency) has been responsible for my insurance needs for over 20 years and within that timeframe has come to my rescue on numerous occasions. These situations were handled with enthusiasm, persistence and determination. I sincerely appreciate the efficient, gracious service and the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on each of my transactions. I could not be more satisfied with your work and look forward to continuing this relationship for another 20 years.

Trudy Judge
Retired, Personal Lines Client

I would like to take a moment to thank Missy Young for her efforts in setting up my new insurance policy. I’ve been a customer at The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency for the past 19 years and I have not experienced the pleasantries that I have since I have been working with Missy. I have purchased two motorcycles in the past few weeks and Missy set my policies up with ease and helped to guide me through proper procedures and provide me with the best coverage for the best dollar amount. When I first called regarding this coverage, she was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding my request. The quote was prepared quickly and thoroughly. Her communication was spot on in regards to our phone conversation and documents following the initial conversation. I’m very pleased with the service Missy has provided and I must say, I am considering consolidating all my policies with her and their office. It is a pleasure to do business with such a person as she is. So once again, I would like to thank Missy and the agency for all their efforts in setting things up for me. I appreciate it greatly. I look forward to working with her more in the future.

Michael Shepherd
Semi-Retired, Personal Lines Client

I very sincerely wish to thank Missy and others at Saine-Summers Insurance (The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency) for all her help and insurance advice she provided me and my dad before his passing in July of this year. Everyone at the agency has gone out of their way to be helpful and supportive most often at a moment’s notice. God bless you one and all!

Becky Welsh
Retired, Personal Lines Client

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