A Trusted & Reliable Insurance Agency Since 1925

The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency was established in 1925 with a focus to help manage Insurance Portfolios for local Individuals, families and businesses.  After a few years and hard work, we were able to expand our loyal clientele throughout the Midwest Region.  Due to our focus and strategic growth plan, we have become one of the most dynamic and expanding “Full Service Insurance Agencies” in the Midwest.  Due to our rapid growth, we have recently expanded to the West Coast and North-East Regions and are licensed to do business in all 50 states.

A History of Excellence - The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency

Since our doors opened in 1925, we are proud to say that The Smith Sawyer Smith Insurance Agency has maintained a family owned status. The same principles that have led our family and business for four generations are what set us apart from other insurance agencies and have given us longevity and reliability as a national Independent Insurance Agency. 

Some would say with the increasing ease of online quoting and purchasing, the value of having a personal Insurance Advisor is not that important. We strongly disagree!  As a team of professional Insurance Advisors, we firmly believe a productive and close relationship with our clients is imperative for us to be the best for them.  If we do not know our clients and thoroughly discuss their needs, how are we supposed to provide peace of mind and make sure they have a rock-solid Insurance Portfolio to protect them and their assets? 

We are not the typical Insurance Agency that simply acts as another “vendor”, peddling insurance policies at the lowest price over the phone or via text.  We are different by design because we understand what our clients want!  They want attention to detail, professional advice, proactivity, honesty (whether it is good or bad), fast service, diverse strategies and unfettered access to us at all times.  We provide all of this alongside a competitive price for their Insurance Portfolio’s.

The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency strives to quickly become part of our client’s “Circle of Advisors” much like the relationship they have with their CPA, Banker, Doctor, Attorney, Stock Broker or Realtor that they trust to do business with.  Additionally, because we are an independent insurance agency, we constantly serve as our client’s insurance advocate.  Being an Independent Insurance Agency allows us the opportunity to stay loyal to our clients and not to any insurance company. 

The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency

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