Our Peru office strongly believes that community support is an essential part of a successful and giving business.

Working to help our neighbors, future generations and people in need is a great way to give back to our community and show we truly care. In Peru, we spend hundreds of hours working and volunteering our time and resources to help make the community we live in better and safer place for all families. 

Within our small community, we collectively spend our time helping the local YMCA organize, plan and run events.  Additionally, we serve on Church Boards and as Sunday School teachers.  We also volunteer with the Eastern Star; including ICan Dog, feeding local parade participants, workers, and patrons, coaching the younger generation in basketball and tennis, being presidents in our local Clubs, helping make community homes handicap accessible, helping with the Circus City Parade (We are the amateur Circus Capital of the World, after all) and much more. 

We all volunteer because we enjoy being active in our great community.  Some of the best satisfaction comes from knowing that we are trying to always improve ourselves and our town.  Part of our goal is to open opportunities for the future generations and to show them how much support a small town can offer. 

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